Really American Releases #ProsecuteTheTraitors

Prosecute The Traitors - Press Release

Contact Information: Justin Horwitz, Executive Director

Release date:  January 19, 2021

The Really American Super PAC has released a new video titled #ProsecuteTheTraitors.

The video highlights public efforts made by certain Republican members of Congress to lead efforts targeting the January 6 terrorist attack against the United States Capitol.

Congressman Paul Gosar, Congressman Mo Brooks, and Congressman Andy Biggs publicly suggested and even encouraged their followers to take the type of action that led to the terrorist attack. As the video notes, Gosar told his supports at a public speech, “Imagine this – that you can just sit and go back home once we conquer the Hill. Donald Trump is returned to being president.” Mo Brooks went even further, suggesting that his supporters engage in violence by declaring that they should start “taking down names and kicking a**.”

The video also highlights claims that some Republican lawmakers may have shown seditionists where to go and what to do during the attack, leading possible reconnaissance missions inside the capitol just days before the deadly assault on our Democracy.

The video also highlights a frightening claim by U.S. Representative Ayanna Pressley that the panic button was removed from under her desk just days before the terrorist attack.

Really American ends the video by declaring that “Republicans who encouraged the attack on the Capitol and the overturning of our votes need to be expelled from office and the Republicans who helped organized it need to be prosecuted it.”

Really American is using the hashtag #prosecutethetraitors to spread the message.

View the entire video below:

Expel Them Both Video

Expel Them Both

Prosecute The Traitors - Video

Prosecute The Traitors