Really American Releases #ProsecuteBoebert

Prosecute Boebert

Contact Information: Justin Horwitz, Executive Director

Release date:  February, 1 2021

Super PAC Really American has debuted a new ad calling for the immediate prosecution of newly elected Congresswoman Lauren Boebert.

In the video, Really American points out that Boebert publicly helped rile up the violent mob that stormed the US Capitol building and nearly succeeded in killing her fellow members of Congress. The attack left five people dead.

The video reminds viewers that Boebert on the day of the riots tweeted that “Today is 1776.” Later that afternooon, the domestic terrorists who stormed the Capitol used that same term when pounding on office doors as they attempted to cause harm to U.S. lawmakers.

The video further highlights that just days before the riot, Boebert led a group of Trump supporters on a tour of the U.S. Capitol according to Congressman Steve Cohen. The Capitol was closed to tours at that time due to concerns over the community spread of COVID-19.

As the violent siege was taking place, Really American points out that Boebert tweeted out the location of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s movements as the terrorist attack was taking place.

The video ends by demanding that Lauren Boebert be held accountable under the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, expelled from Congress, and then prosecuted for aiding and abetting a terrorist attack against the United States.

The full video can be viewed below:

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Prosecute Boebert Video

Prosecute Boebert