Georgia Victory Statement

Georgia Victory Statement

Contact Information: Justin Horwitz, Executive Director

Release date:  Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Georgia has rejected Donald Trump and the corrupt cronies who backed his failed autocratic takeover. It’s the rightful result for a party that failed miserably to manage a pandemic that has destroyed so many lives. It’s the rightful result for a party that has continuously refused to provide struggling Americans with sufficient cash relief. It’s the rightful result for a party that is actively undermining democracy.

This win was created by two forces. The amazing organizers of color who have built a powerful force over the last several years. And, by a GOP that couldn’t turn out its voters with the same energy.

It turns out that when people don’t think their votes count, they don’t vote. Donald Trump stocked the election fraud lie that led to their doubt. And, at Really American we gladly amplified his message. With nearly 100 billboards across the state up for the last month, we made sure that every Trump voters heard his message loud and clear.

We also spent nearly half a million dollars on TV, digital, and rides to the polls.

Now, it’s time for Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, which represent the real America, to work with President-Elect Joe Biden to protect and expand our democracy, and pass big structural legislation to tackle our country’s challenges.

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Extremist Kelly

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