Really American Debuts #RemoveTrumpNow

Remove Trump Now

Contact Information: Justin Horwitz, Executive Director

Release date:  January 7, 2021

The video clearly highlights how Donald Trump is directly responsible for the insurrection and attempted coup and calls for the immediate removal of Trump from office.

Super PAC Really American has released a new ad that highlights the need to immediately remove Donald Trump from office. The video starts by showcasing the violent actions of Trump’s MAGA supporters who stormed and breached the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The video intersperses the actions of various domestic terrorists with words of encouragement from the 45th POTUS who declared “we love you, you’re very special.”

As the video notes, this type of insurgence hadn’t occurred since the War of 1812 when British forces attacked the U.S. capitol.

Really American also highlights the absolutely insane support Fox News’ Tucker Carlson offered to the seditious traitors who violently attacked our Democratic institution.

Really American uses the hashtag #RemoveTrumpNow to highlight the urgency needed to maintain the security of America’s democracy.

You can watch the full ad below:

Georgia Victory Statement

Georgia Victory Statement

Remove Trump Now Video

Remove Trump Now