Really American Releases #COVIDCaughtTrump

Covid Caught Trump

Contact Information: Justin Horwitz, Executive Director

Release date:  October 2, 2020

The video highlights Donald Trump’s early knowledge that COVID-19 was deadly, his refusal to listen to world-renowned scientists, his mocking of mask wearers, and his eventual personal COVID-19 diagnosis.

Super PAC Really American has released a new Donald Trump attack ad titled “Covid Caught Trump.

The ad begins by highlighting Bob Woodward’s now released audio recordings in which Donald Trump openly admitted to understanding that COVID-19 is far more deadly than the seasonal flu and affects both older and younger people.

Really American then highlights Trump’s refusal to listen to the world’s top scientists and his very publish messages that disagreed with the CDC’s guidance. The video also highlights Trump as he openly mocked journalists who asked questions while wearing masks.

As hundreds of thousand of Americans died, Trump’s inability and unwillingness to contain COVID-19 only got worse and today, as the video notes #COVIDCaughtTrump.

You can watch the full video below:

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Proud Boy Trump

Covid Caught Trump Video

COVID Caught Trump